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Find similar images based on visual composition
Accelerates keywording process by up to 4 times
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About us

imense® makes cutting-edge products which revolutionize the analysis, search and annotation of digital images and video.

Founded in 2007, the company’s vision was to combine over a decade of research and development in content based image recognition (CBIR) to produce an image search system that didn’t rely on keywords or metadata. In 2008 we launched the World’s first Web 3.0 image search platform, the system revolutionized previous image analysis and search techniques. Using this unique technology, users are able to type text queries into the search engine and get precise results irrespective of whether the images had keywords or metadata.

Subsequently, using our core technology we derived a portfolio of unique and innovative products and services for Photographers; Image Agencies; Search Engines and Digital Asset Management providers. Our unique products help clients remove much of the effort of manual keywording of images, which accelerates productivity and dramatically lowers their operational costs. In addition, they enable faster and more accurate retrieval of images and video, helping clients retain and attract new customers.


imense® pioneered an ontology based approach to visual information processing. Our flagship product Web 3.0 allows the user to “Search inside the image” The system uses computer vision technology to extract visual features from images as mathematical models. These models are then compared against defined parameters for particular concepts and a weighting as to how representative they are and where the features occur spatially within the image is assigned to the visual ontology. Using a simple natural language interface in combination with a linguistic ontology, the text search interface allows a user to query this image index using plain language to retrieve precise search results, irrespective of keyword quality.

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