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Ever wish there was an easier way to tag images? Maybe you have an existing collection with tags, but your distributor has newly defined standards?, or perhaps you just want to add ‘Copy space” as a tag to each appropriate image? Or are you a news agency who needs images to be tagged fast? Now with imense® Autotagger technology your images are automatically tagged in under 1 second. So whether you are a news agency ingesting thousands of images each day or you simply want to improve keywords on your existing collection Autotagger provides the means to accurately tag images at a fraction of the cost of human labour.

Here’s how:

autotagger diagram

couple, smiling, happy, joyful, beach, sunset, ocean, sea, mountains, sand, water, outdoors, daytime, male, african ethnicity, mid adult, female, mid adult, color image, horizontal

Step 1

Upload your images

Step 2

Our appliance or your server processes the images

Step 3

Tags are embedded in the image or exported as a .csv file


Autotagger from imense® provides a consistent approach to keywording, removing the subjective and often error prone nature of traditional human keywording. Image agencies; news agencies; publishing groups and Digital Asset Management providers now have a fast and accurate method of tagging images with dramatic cost savings, resulting in lower operational costs for themselves and their clients.


Autotagger uses Ontology based visual information processing technology to extract visual features from images. Developed over the last 9 years at our Cambridge laboratories, this unique method allows our algorithms to output thousands of different keywords.

Traditional Content Based Image Recognition (CBIR) techniques are limited in scope to recognize general scenes such as “outside” or “Sports” or recognizing a “Face” within images. The computational difficulty in recognising objects and abstract concepts such as “Happy” or “Joy” has meant alternative systems have been poorly adopted.

Through a combination of our Ontology based information processing with our linguistic ontology and using advanced statistical inference techniques, imense® technology breaks traditional CBIR barriers. The Autotagger platform can now produce the majority of keywords within 1 second, including abstract concepts.


The Autotagger platform from imense® has been developed though collaboration with image libraries and picture buyers, for use on stock images and video. Image agencies; news agencies; publishing groups and Digital Asset Management software providers use the system to reduce their own and their clients operational costs associated with image and video keywording.