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Similar Image Search

Wish you could see visually similar images? With traditional keyword search, this is a problem that many picture buyers have. Now with imense® Similar Image Search picture buyers can view visually similar images faster than ever before.

Whether you want to just see images with a similar composition, images from the same photo shoot or visually similar images within the same theme, Similar Image Search allows you to view them with one click.

To view visually similar images with the same subject, simply click the ‘Similar results’ link:

Similar Image Search by results

Perhaps you like the composition but not necessarily the subject? Simply click the ‘Similar composition’ link:

Similar Image Search by composition


Similar Image Search from imense® provides image agencies and their picture buyers with a new and exciting visual journey through image and video collections. Users of the system reduce wasted time scrolling through collections to find the image they require, resulting in a faster time to purchase and a more satisfying search experience from the image agency website.


Similarity between images is assessed based on their visual characteristics. Once an image has been processed by the system, its visual features are stored as high dimensional numeric information. The similarity between a query image’s numeric information is measured against that of other images via a distance metric between them. Visual characteristics are summarized in vectors of hundreds of dimensions, which means calculations for search have traditionally been computationally enormous when searching over millions of images. Through advanced indexing techniques and proprietary algorithms imense® has produced a system which returns results within 1 second and not only scales to hundreds of millions of images but can also be applied to video, thereby removing the limitations of alternative systems.


The Similar Image Search platform from imense® has been developed though collaboration with image libraries and picture buyers, for use on stock images and video. Image agencies; news agencies; publishing groups and Digital Asset Management software providers use the system. Government institutions and intelligence organizations can also use our advanced version of Similar Image Search for forensic analysis and security applications.