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  • Adobe Bridge CS4

  • Mac OS 10.5+ or
    Windows 2000 / XP / Vista* / 7*

* A one-time fix is required on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Please see Known Issues for details.

Desktop Similar Image Search

Wish you could see visually similar images? With traditional keyword search, this is a problem that many picture buyers have. Now with imense® Similar Image Search picture buyers can view visually similar images faster than ever before.

You can now search for similar images in your own image library at the click of a button!

Desktop Similar Image Search in Adobe Bridge CS4 (Mac OS 10.5)

How does it work?

Desktop Similar Search uses an algorithm developed by imense® to analyse the visual characteristics of every image in your image library. When you select a query image to search for Desktop Similar Search compares its characteristics to those of all the images in your library and shows you the most similar. You can even select multiple query images to find images similar to all of them.

System Requirements

Desktop Similar Search has been tested on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and above. Before you can use Desktop Similar Search you must have Adobe Bridge CS4 installed.

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Download the Adobe Bridge plugin and open it. (Double-click.)
  2. Accept the License Agreement presented to you by the Adobe Extension Manager.
  3. Run Adobe Bridge CS4. (Close Bridge if you already have it open.)
  4. Go to "Tools" > "imense® Similar Search settings". Select and include any folders that you would like included in any Similar Search results. Click "Save + Scan now".
  5. You can now right-click any image in Adobe Bridge and select "Find similar images". This will launch Similar Search and show you the result directly in Bridge!
(Please note: These steps assume that the System Requirements, above, have been met.)

Known Issues

  • Due to a bug in Adobe Bridge, to run the plugin on Windows Vista or Windows 7 you must follow these instructions the first time you use an Imense plugin for Bridge:
    1. Run Adobe Bridge as an administrator. (Right-click the Adobe Bridge icon and select "Run as administrator".)
    2. Select a JPEG image in Bridge.
    3. Launch Similar Search (Right-click the image and select "Find similar images").
    4. Close Adobe Bridge.
    5. Re-open Adobe Bridge. (You do not need to run it as an administrator this time.)
  • Windows users cannot currently schedule periodic scans of their image libraries. This will be available in future versions.
  • Currently only JPEG images are supported.