Henrik Kjellin


Henrik is our Investor Director and represents a team of private investors who have been highly successful in related sectors of the IT industry. Henrik started his career as a systems engineer in IBM in the 1970s and after specializing in networking, which in those days was seen as a small niche, migrated through a number of Local Area Network start-ups, ultimately setting up his own company K-NET. In 2000 K-NET and its affiliates were sold for £100m, and he became a consultant investor/director to a number of companies.


David Sinclair

CEO and co-founder

David maintains a strong interest in product development strategy for the company. His research career started with a D.Phil in Computer Vision from Oxford University’s Robotics Group followed by Post-Doctoral research positions in France, Denmark and Austria. On returning to the UK David settled in leafy Cambridge working as a Research Engineer at the Olivetti & Oracle Research Laboratory. After meeting at the Cambridge University Computer Science labs, David and Chris founded Cambridge Ontology in 2004, to develop the concept of an ontology based model for visual information retrieval. This led to the inception of imense® in 2007.

Christopher Town

CTO and co-founder

Chris oversees product research and development, and also leads the deployment and design of our core ontology based technologies. Along with David, he pioneered the ontology based approach to automated visual information processing, and his PhD work in this area at Cambridge University was honoured in the UK’s distinguished dissertation competition and through a Royal Commission Industrial Fellowship award. Chris holds a Research Fellowship in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, where he conducts cutting-edge research into computer vision, information retrieval, machine learning, and language processing.