Experience Imense technology on GooglePlay and iTunes



            These Android and IOS apps allow testing of the basic Imense Computer Vision OCR components.  They are limited technology demonstrators, and are not intended to be commercial products. For Professional products, we apply statistical and heuristic layers of additional classification beyond basic OCR to bring recognition rates into the high 90% range. Professional SDKs are available on email request from Imense.



iTunes apps

demonstrates “point and click “ and continuous video capture of vehicle License plates across all States




demonstrates “point and click “ and continuous video capture of vehicle License plates across the UK



Illustrates a simple combined UK ANPR and VIN Reading application





GooglePlay apps

Parking Enforcer


ParkingEnforcer demonstrates ANPR / ALPR in a very simple parking app. It uses the basic “point and click” approach to plate capture, where the user checks each plate for accuracy, and stores the Vehicle’s plate, arrival time and GPS location. 







demonstrates basic reading of 1, 2 and 3 line MRZ fields:







demonstrates basic reading of a wide range of numeric digits.



Customers who require more advanced recognition or integration capabilities may wish to upgrade to one of our other ANPR and parking enforcement solutions. To enquire about professional deployment, volume licensing deals, international plate formats and other options, or to hear about the wide range of other image recognition solutions offered by Imense Ltd., please email sales@imense.com and visit our website.