Custom Fonts, Formats and typeFaces -   Many industries use specialised formats and encodings. Imense has cutting edge machine learning techniques to automatically learn new symbols, formats and markings.



VIN Numbers

These 17 letter codes standardised worldwide identify every vehicle manufactured, and are usually embossed into the lower left hand side of every windscreen. It is the only method to identify a vehicle before it has been allocated a License plate.



Every container has a unique identification of 8 characters, as well as content classifiers. Unique challenges of Container lettering are the degree to which most are corroded and/or distributed across different corrugated surfaces.

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Post / ZIP Code


All countries have standardised Post/ZIP Codes to allow automatic sorting machines to pre-sort envelopes. We can build specially trained recognisers for each country’s formats, covering all major fonts.




Prior to Imense's specialisation in Computer Reading, we wrote object recognisers for applications including Video content indexing, and object tracking - such as in the example shown tracking people and vehicle traffic across a busy London junction at night